Technology, mythology and passion. A Mercury-protected stakepool ready to trade and make your ADAs profitable and safe


How does it work?

Each wallet of the Cardano blockchain allows you to delegate your ADA (the name of the currency) to a stakepool, a node of the blockchain. When you delegate your ADAs they are tied to the stakepool and produce rewards. They can be withdrawn at any time and there is no minimum time constraint.

How many ADAs I need to start?

It is necessary to have at least 10 ADAs to be able to delegate them to a stakepool.


The only costs to delegate your ADAs are the registration of 2 ADAs and the transaction fee (currently about 0.2 ADA). The 2 ADAs of the registration will be recovered when you decide to remove the proxy from the stakepool.

So, how much do I get?

Rewards produced during an epoch (duration of 5 days) will be automatically credited to your wallet 2 epochs later. Furthermore, they will be re-invested automatically, generating an accumulation of delegated capital. Any other deposits of yours will also be automatically delegated.

If I remove the delegation, do I lose the prizes?

No, if you change the proxy or remove it, the rewards will continue to reach your wallet.

How is a delegation made?

A delegation can be executed from any of the main portfolios for Cardano. To date the main (but not the only ones) are Daedalus and Yoroi. In both cases you just need to go to your wallet, click on the delegation area and search for “Mercator” or “Mrx”, our stakepool. On the homepage there is a special button that leads to our stakepool on adapools for anyone who wants to retrieve the ID or view other informations.

But how much do we earn?

To date we earn a fixed, the classic of each stakepool and a percentage. The percentage may seem high but it is invested in the growth of this project and all the other projects we manage. Our goal is to create a network of companies and professionals where our students can grow and the proceeds of the stakepool can help us in this dream, in this project.

Obviously a part remains with us for our dreams and desires; we are still human like everyone else.